Aitui (well, mainly….)

After the freebie places, one of the first men’s clothing stores I found in Second Life was Aitui. I’d just rented my first apartment and was curious to see who was living next door. I snooped on his profile and found Aitui listed in his picks.

I tp’d over and from the moment I rezzed I knew I’d found a place I loved. The store itself was well designed (loved all the crows) and the clothes were different to the rest of what I’d seen around the grid. I visted the discount section (which no longer seems to exist) regularly and Aitui is still one of the stores I visit when I’m looking for something new and interesting to wear.

The store also stocks fantastic tattoos and have recently released some new shoes. Each part of these shoes is colour-changeable so they can be customised to fit with whatever your wearing.


Skin, shirt, shoes and tattoo ~ Aitui

Jeans ~ Armidi

Taped fingers ~ SiniStyle

Hat ~ Argrace

Wristbands ~ Rawdolls

~ by Bronson Twine on April 12, 2009.

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