Get ahead.

I like hats. All kinds. But I can’t wear them in real life. Perhaps I have an oddly shaped head, but mainly they just dont look right on me. So I can wear them in Second Life. And I often do.

The one pictured below is from { Kari } and like all the best hats, it changes colour from a menu which pops up when you click on it. The Audio Wire bracelet that I’m also wearing (but cant really be seen in the pics) is from there too.

The rest of the outfit was put together around the hat – always find its useful to choose one item you want to wear and build your look around that.


Hat & Audio Wire bracelet ~ { Kari }

Jeans ~ Calypso Giano

Shirt, tie & waistcoat ~ Argrace

Shoes ~ SoReal

Tattoo ~ Aitui


~ by Bronson Twine on April 14, 2009.

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