Goodbye To Bernard.

Imagine the scene…….Orientation Island.

Newly born Bronson stumbles blinking into this brand new world and stumbles straight into another avatar that looks exactly like him. He tries to fly – and manages, but lands underwater. He clambers out and sees another avatar that looks exactly like him. This will never do. So, after much bumping into things and walking in three different directions at once he locates the appearance tutorial. He makes himself taller, grows a few muscles and gives himself a system mohawk that looks like a slug is crawling across his scalp….

After a few weeks of wandering around with my pet slug (lets call him Bernard), I decided that a hair upgrade was called for. Money was tight (I’d spent most of what I had on chest hair and….something else. I’m a man – I needed one!) So it was goodbye to Bernard when I found this mohawk at Discord Designs. Sure, there’s better textured ones out there but it comes in various sizes and is mod so it can be colour tinted.

The Solar Eyewear glasses can be picked up for free at the Fabulous Fashion TV studio, as well as a few other items for guys.


Jacket ~ En Svale

Tank Top ~ Aitui

Pants ~ Emery

Hair ~ Discord Designs

Shoes ~ Urban Bomb Unit

Taped Fingers ~ SiniStyle

Socks ~ free from Arai

Glasses ~ Solar Eyewear. Free at Fabulous Fashion TV Studio

~ by Bronson Twine on April 25, 2009.

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  1. Those glasses aye! yes!

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