The Silent Ringing In My Skull

Layers. I like them (think I might have mentioned this once or twice before….). I like to be able to mix pieces from different outfits to create my own look.

This jacket from Ju Ju’s Closet only comes on the jacket layer (with a sleeve poofer on the shirt layer) and I wish the jacket had come separately so I could have worn it with different shirts or t-shirts. But it doesn’t, which is annoying. Despite that, I really like this outfit in spite of the fact that it took a major amount of individual prim wrestling to get the collar to fit.

The shoes are $10 from House of Curios. A pair of grey ones and a pair of brown ones are included in the pack and I colour tinted them (just for a change) to co-ordinate with this outfit a little more.


Jacket ~ Ju Ju’s Closet

Shoes ~ House Of Curios

Jeans ~ Calypso Giano

~ by Bronson Twine on April 25, 2009.

4 Responses to “The Silent Ringing In My Skull”

  1. HoC has amazing shoes!

  2. The prices for the quality of them are amazing too.

  3. I’m loving this blog. Its about time for a Good male blog to be out.

    • Thanks Fallon :).
      Theres loads of great mens fashion blogs around though. My favourites are listed in my blogroll.

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