The Workers Are Goin’ Home

I’ve worn Belleza skins exclusively for a while now. First I wore Ewan and didn’t think anything would change that until Tricky Boucher released Mathieu which is my current skin of choice. Now Jonas is about to be released (think it might even be today) and this skin has been given to the group as a gift. The skins will be reviewed extensively elsewhere and far more eloquently than I can manage but lets just say its pretty damn special. Go down to Belleza, check out the demos and buy. Buy Ewan. Or Miguel. Or Jonas. But not Mathieu. That ones mine. 🙂

The hoodie is from Zoobong and I like it so much I also bought it in black. Great textures and the prim attachments were easy to adjust. It comes with a white tank to be worn on the shirt layer, but I chose to wear a different shirt with it cos I’m awkward like that.

The jeans are from Kari and the cuffs come in two sizes and are script sizable, which I didn’t realise until I clicked on them by mistake.

The eyes are a current freebie from Poetic Colour Eyes. I normally wear the Quicksilver eyes from there and couldn’t recommend their products more.

And I know the title doesn’t really make a lot of sense unless you listen to ‘My Name Is Jonas’ by Weezer……


Hoodie ~ Zoobong

Jeans ~ Kari

T-shirt ~ FNKY!

Shoes ~ Truth (free at Gnubie Store)

Hair ~ Gritty Kitty (free at Gnubie Store)

Eyes ~ Poetic Colour Eyes

Necklace ~ Midnight Mania prize from Eselle

Skin ~ Belleza group gift

~ by Bronson Twine on April 28, 2009.

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  1. Ok. My male avie needs a Belleza skin.

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