Another Confession

OK, I’ve got another confession to make. Since beginning this blog I’ve developed a fetish. For shoes. Not the ‘I wanna sniff your insoles’ type of fetish but the kind where I cant walk past a pair of shoes without checking out the textures, admiring the detailing and working out which things I have in my inventory that they’d look good with. I don’t need more shoes, but sometimes I want them enough to justify buying yet another pair.

These shoes are from Algernon, are colour change from a limited number of presets and a number of different sizes are included in the pack.

The sweater vest (or tank top, as we call them round my way) is from Gbberish. They sell a number of well textured, retro(ish) patterned ones which I found when I was hunting for a decent plain one. Still not found one yet so if you have any suggestions…..


Sweater vest ~ Gbberish

Shoes ~ Algernon

Hat ~ Argrace

Jeans ~ Primitive Design

T-shirt ~ Armidi

Tattoo ~ Aitui

Bracelet (free) ~ Kunstkammer

~ by Bronson Twine on April 30, 2009.

6 Responses to “Another Confession”

  1. Are you single ? ^^

  2. Oki *soupir*
    merci pour ta réponse en français Bronson 🙂

  3. I’ve made a few plain sweater vests if you wanna check those out. My store is the Young Urban.

  4. I *need* those sneakers.

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