Five Easy Steps

How to make your own (ir)regular guy blog post in 5 easy steps.

Step 1. Find a scarf. Buy it. Put it on. You like it. You notice that its red and black and inspiration strikes. You say to yourself, ‘I’ll wear other things that are red and/or black with this scarf – I’m a forward-thinking fashion genius!’

Step 2. Hunt around in your inventory for things that are red and/or black. You put them on then realise that a red tutu and a black string vest are not quite right for this look. Realise you are not a forward-thinking fashion genius and hang your head in shame.

Step 3. Find some clothes in your inventory that kinda match then rez your make-shift photo studio 2250 feet into the air. It has to be at exactly this height. But try not to fall off. It can be a bugger to get back on it again. Take some photos.

Step 4. Cut out your photos with school scissors. Proper scissors can be too sharp. If you have trouble with this, ask a responsible adult to help. Stick your pictures together with sticky tape then write the first thing that comes into your head to go with it. All done.

Step 5. There is no step 5. I lied. Sorry.

(And yes, I know I posted this belt yesterday but it’s cool. It changes color and texture and it can be modified so you can get it to fit exactly how you want.)


Scarf ~ Emery

Misfits T-Shirt ~ Growl

Jeans ~ Armidi

Arm warmers ~ Maitreya

Hair~Black Maria

Shoes ~ Magi Take

Belt ~ Reek

(Apologies to anyone who reads this……)

~ by Bronson Twine on May 3, 2009.

6 Responses to “Five Easy Steps”

  1. It’s funny ^^
    My Mademoiselle technic is very very different 🙂 i can’t do my own (ir)regular guy blog post.

  2. 1. Great post
    2. I ❤ lists
    3. I hate school scissors
    4. There is no four
    5. I Look forward to your next post.

  3. *posts daily fangirl post*

    You crack me up! Your steps are much more organized than mine…mine involve flying wildly around the grid, bumping into walls like a bug, trying to find that perfect freebie, then dashing back to my 643 meter high make-shift photo studio and trying to get pics up about the aforementioned freebie before anyone else does! Mostly it is *FAIL* for me. :-/


  4. /me wants pics of you falling off of the photo-studio-2250-feet-in-the-air…

    You’re excused… until next post!

  5. Fav post so far but am bit disappointed we didn’t see the red tutu

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