Just A Boy

Just like in real life, I tend to stick to sneakers (I call them trainers being English and a bit common) or a smart shoe when the occasion calls for it. However, these boots from J’s…..if you don’t already have them, sell your Mother (or other family member) to get a pair. Fantastic texturing, script sizable and three different options of wear style for the leg part.

The jeans are from DMC and come with pant and underpants layers so I could wear the bottom of the vest on the pants layer for an untucked look under the jacket.

The jacket itself is from BareRose. I had to fiddle a lot with the individual prims on the sleeves to get them to sit right but thats more than worth it considering the cheapness and quality you get at BareRose.


Jacket ~ Barerose

Boots ~ J’s

Jeans ~ DMC

Vest ~ Aitui

Shades ~ KalRau

Necklace ~ M.R.M Factory


~ by Bronson Twine on May 4, 2009.

3 Responses to “Just A Boy”

  1. /me has never heard of smart shoes (or trainers).
    (I called these shoes: tenis and in other parts of the country they are called sapatilhas.)

  2. Jamir is always telling me off for calling them sneakers being brits it should be trainers 🙂 but shame on me i named the ones i make sneakers so the usa would know what im on about – i have to name my mens trousers- pants and waistcoats- vests too 😦

  3. “sell your mother” Oo ?

    I have never heard that lol ^^

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