Don’t Blame The Messenger (Bag)

Everyone has their own opinion about Armidi. Some love it and some hate it and apparently the place is a bit of a fug magnet. But I wouldn’t know as I’ve never been. I have a few items from Armidi and I find they’re good for basic pieces such as jeans and t-shirts. But I’ve bought them all from the ShopArmidi web site. So easy. No lag. No waiting for an hour and a half for the vendors to rez. Much more preferable.

Anyway, this jacket is from there and I like it very much. The attachments took a little time to fit properly but the textures are great and I love the attention to detail such as the little press-stud fastening on the collar. It comes with a bottom part which I chose not to wear as it insisted on creeping up my butt, and I wasnt in the mood for such things….

The messenger bag is from Aitui and is a lovely looking thing. Looks great in pictures but unless you have an AO that can accommodate it, bags like this are not such a good idea as your poses embed your arms into it for most of the time. And that just aint pretty.


Jacket ~ Armidi

Boots ~ WMD

Bag ~ Aitui

Jeans and hair ~ Argrace


~ by Bronson Twine on May 6, 2009.

4 Responses to “Don’t Blame The Messenger (Bag)”

  1. ShopArmidi was like a gift sent from the heavens. If I don’t actually have to GO to the store, I am amazingly happy.

  2. *sighs* Your avi sure is pretty though! 😀

  3. Look at you Bronson…pretending that you have prim hair that isn’t punk rock. 😛

    And simply as an fyi, I went to Armidi last night because I wanted to grab a price quick for my post and noticed two things:

    #1 I was the only friggin’ person in the sim!
    #2 The shirt was L$295 in the store and L$250 on the ShopArmidi site!

  4. I love Armidi, even if it’s too famous, it’s like H&M in rl 🙂

    But i don’t know what they are doing at Armidi … spring collection is for when in autumn ? pff

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