Wanted to keep things cheap and cheerful today before my bank manager had me knee-capped for spending money on virtual stuff I don’t need but want.

So whats a guy to do when he wants something new but doesn’t want to spend anything? I headed down to Maschienenwerk. A store full of free stuff – clothes, skins, shapes, glasses, hats, etc. I first discovered this place ages ago and the quality was always decent but has improved as time has gone on.

This jacket and the jeans are from there and very nice they are too. The cuffs on the jeans are script sizable. My only gripe is that the jeans themselves are no mod. I wanted to shorten them a little but couldn’t. But can’t really complain when they’re free! There’s a tip box in store so if you pick anything up from there drop in a few L$ to show your appreciation.


Jacket & jeans ~ Maschienenwerk

Scarf ~ BareRose

Shoes ~ Monogrind

Hat ~ Argrace

Necklace ~Izumiya


~ by Bronson Twine on May 9, 2009.

5 Responses to “Knee-capped.”

  1. Maschienenwerk is the mother lode for quality clothing! I am amazed to say the least. Thanks for the heads up.

  2. Very nice your blog, can a Link you?? I hope your visit too 🙂
    Congrats for your job!!
    Lucyanni Writer

  3. Hi! Beautiful site and great blog! Would you mind sharing with me the name of your skin and where it came from? It’s gorgeous!

  4. Thanks for the comments everyone! 🙂

    Lourdes, the skin I’m wearing is from the Mathieu range at Belleza. Mine is the medium tone, but it’s available in a number of others.

  5. I like to see you in Belleza skins. It suits your shape.

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