Some Clothes And Some Other Stuff.

Yep, that’s right. Another post from me today. I blame a quiet weekend and the fact that prancing about in my undies (see previous post) doesn’t show off a lot of clothes and after all, that’s what this blog is about.

So. Some clothes! And a bag! And some other stuff!

The bag is from Philotic Energy and its a great bag but awkward to re-size – you need to zoom WAY out to see the little resize handles which makes minor adjustments difficult.

Some Clothes And Some Other Stuff

Skin ~ PXL

Cardigan ~ Aitui

Shirt ~ Zaara

Trousers ~ Armidi

Boots & glasses ~ MK Fashion (thanks to Ana Letutia for the LM)

Bag ~ Philotic Energy


~ by Bronson Twine on May 10, 2009.

4 Responses to “Some Clothes And Some Other Stuff.”

  1. 😉 You’re welcome!
    I like this look and I didn’t know PE had bags.

  2. The bags from a little PE outlet store near Renegade. Only stocks bags and belts. Some cool stuff.

  3. Very cool^^

  4. ohh this is yummy! love the look :))

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