I got a message from Alphamale about the new polo shirts they’ve just released and was down there within 30 seconds to take a close look. They’re as good as I’d expect from Alphamale -well textured, easy to mod attachments and all layers available in the pack. However, I could only find them included in a set with pants or jeans and I just wanted the shirt. Now, I’ll admit I’m not the most observant of people sometimes and the shirts may be available by themselves but as I couldn’t find them I thought I’d throw on the jeans that came in the pack for this post.

The jeans and shirt make a decent outfit by themselves, but being me I just had throw a few other pieces into the mix and the whole thing became something a little, well, nerdy. But in a good way.

The sweater vest is from Adjunct and is available in a number of colours. It only comes on the jacket layer, which I don’t mind so much with sweaters but a shirt and pants layer so it could be worn under a jacket would be nice.

As the jeans don’t come with prim cuffs and I prefer the finished look that they can give, I added these from a pair of Calypso Giano jeans. Just needed to play with the sliders on the jeans a little to get them to fit.

And, yeah – couldn’t think of a title for this one. Please leave your own suggestions in the Comments.  Any rude ones will be laughed at but not necessarily approved. 🙂


Shirt, jeans & leather cuffs ~ Alphamale

Vest ~ Adjunct

Shoes ~ Hoorenbeek

Glasses ~ Taklamakan

~ by Bronson Twine on May 16, 2009.

3 Responses to “Untitled.”

  1. How about… Casual Astuteness as a title?

  2. Good title.

    Fancy a job as my official titler? 🙂

  3. Uuumm… I’ll give it a shot. I only hope I don’t disappoint and become known as… Cloud the “One-Hit” titler, lol!

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