My Whole Existence Is Flawed.

I was digging through some music today and began to reminisce about the times I used to go to a local rock club with my best friend. Sticky carpets, cheap beer and dancing to Nine Inch Nails. Hair dye, big boots and lots of black clothes. And I loved it. Unfortunately the club is no longer there so today’s post is kinda my homage to those days.

The trench coat is from Curiosity and is available with a number of different lining options. There are a fair few attachments as you’d expect with a coat like this but all are script resizable which helps a lot when fitting it.

I picked up the skin from A:S:S. It was yesterdays Midnight Mania gift so worth popping down to see if its still available. If not, there’s a load of good and reasonably priced stuff worth checking out.

My Whole Existence Is Flawed

Skin ~ A:S:S

Coat ~ Curiosity

T-shirt ~ WMD

Pants ~Helter Skelter

Boots ~ J’s

Hair ~ RocX


~ by Bronson Twine on May 21, 2009.

7 Responses to “My Whole Existence Is Flawed.”

  1. My first thought when seeing these pixs was “Adam Ant”. You probabaly aren’t old enough to remember his hey day. I saw him in concert several times – quite the showman. Great outfit and thanks for the flash back!

    • I remember Adam Ant very well. I wanted an album of his for Christmas one year and got Shakin’ Stevens instead. 😦
      Maybe I should have called the post “Ridicule Is Nothing To Be Scared Of……”

    • totally Adam Ant!

  2. such an kewl look! can we find out the location of the A:S:S shop please?

  3. love everything about it

  4. Have added a Slurl to A:S:S.
    Thanks for the great comments guys. 🙂

  5. /me wonders if I am at the right blog? ^^
    You have versatility, Sir!

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