Purple Poses.

Pose makers in Second Life really don’t get enough credit. I’m totally guilty of not naming where I got the poses I use from and have been intending on putting a page together to list them all. But I haven’t yet. Because I’m a bit lazy. But I will.

I picked up a few poses today from VPoses and loved them immediatly. Will be picking up a few fat packs when funds allow.

The shirt/tie/waistcoat combo is from Sweetest Goodbye who are having a sale at the moment. Only the main body of the shirt comes on a clothing layer. The rest is all sculpted attachments which take a bit of stretching/adjustment and is available in four colours.

The shoes are old favourites from HOC. I used the preset white colour option then tinted individual parts to match them to the shirt.

Purple Poses

Skin ~ Belleza

Shirt/tie/waistcoat ~ Sweetest Goodbye

Jeans ~ Curiosity

Shoes ~ HOC

Hat ~ Argrace

~ by Bronson Twine on May 23, 2009.

4 Responses to “Purple Poses.”

  1. god..i so fall for belleza skins

  2. skin is better on a shape, i fall for Bronson loooooooooool !

  3. No, they don’t! And, as pose maker, it’s frustrating to keep up with the work when you rarely are credited…

  4. /me gets to work on his poses page befoe Ana kicks his butt….

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