One Thing Leads To Another.

I went shopping for tattoo’s yesterday. I have a few but decided it was time for something new. So, I headed down to Garden Of Ku. Once I’d maneuvered myself around the blinging bloke called Dope (never was an avatar so appropriately named) and the guy who insisted in jumping over the vendors instead of walking around them, I found this one and knew it was the one I wanted.

Now, whats a guy to do when he want to show off his new tattoo? He throws on a sheer top like this one from Muism and as the tattoo and vest were suggesting a grungy/rock look to me I threw on these battered jeans from DMC. And these jeans look best with boots so on went these great boots from Shiny Things. The pack includes four different sizes and a HUD to change the colour of the laces if you should so desire.  At L$500 they ain’t cheap, but just LOOK at them. Think it’s worth it.

Anyway, needed some cheap accessories after spending so much on boots so it was down to Izumiya where I picked up these goggles. And they needed hair so I threw on this one I’ve had in my invent for ages from Uncleweb.

So, each item suggested another and I ended up with this look. Think I might go ballroom dancing in it later…..

One Thing Leads To Another

Skin ~ Belleza

Tattoo ~ Garden Of Ku

Shirt ~ Muism

Jeans ~ DMC

Boots~ Shiny Things

Hair ~ Uncleweb

Goggles ~ Izumiya

Gloves ~ Acid & Mala Creations

Bracelets ~ Kari & Rawdolls


~ by Bronson Twine on May 24, 2009.

4 Responses to “One Thing Leads To Another.”

  1. Nice look, tattoos look very good. I also wear a new set by Garden of Ku, and they are the best I have seen so far for realism and quality. Uncleweb does good hair as well, I like that most of it is unisex. I just wish they did fatpacks.

    The boots were worth it 🙂

  2. I have the female version of those boots and LOVES them. I can throw them on…wanna take me to the ballroom? 😛

  3. Great look! I believe that *everyone* has those boots. They are amazing as all of Fallingwater’s creations.

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