Yet Another Hat.

A while back Oscar Page posted an outfit on his blog which included this great hat. I said at the time that I wanted it and true to my word, I got it (although in a different colour). It took a bit of adjusting as I’m not fond of the ‘your hat is eating your head’ look but just a little stretching and rotating and it was done

I teamed it with a sweater and shirt from Argrace. I know I often post stuff from there but I like it and they happen to do some pretty nice furniture too.

The bag is a current freebie at Rockers Wear. It comes with a shoulder strap which I shrunk down so I could carry it in my hand and I also re-coloured it. Apologies to the creator for mutilating their work….

Yet Another Hat

Skin ~ Belleza

Hat ~ Apollon

Sweater & shirt ~ Argrace

Trousers ~ Marinesta

Shoes ~ SoReal

Bag ~ Rockers Wear

Watch ~ Savvy Avvy

Cuff ~ Alphamale

~ by Bronson Twine on May 25, 2009.

2 Responses to “Yet Another Hat.”

  1. STOP! Just stop… (being so stylish)!

  2. Love the shoes. SoReal are true to their name and make some ridiculously real looking shoes.

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