Today I wanted to go walking barefoot along the beach but couldn’t because I was stuck at work and even if I wasn’t, the weather was too crappy to be able to do it. But when real life fails you, Second Life is always there so you can do the little things that you want to.

This polo shirt is a new group joining gift from Alphamale. It comes with a pair of jeans and collar / cuffs in two sizes. Apparently this colour will never be available to buy, so worth popping down to the store to pick it up.

As most of you may be aware (especially any female readers), Zaara is having a sale at the moment which was a perfect excuse to pick up another pair of jeans from there. They come on pants and underpants layers and are available in five different colours. Worth picking up a fat pack while they’re at such a great price.

I’m also doing something for this post that I never though I’d do. I wearing prim feet! SLink have feet for men with a sandal or the barefoot option. The included Hud allows you to change the size and colour of them. However, after much messing around and using the colour tinting techniques I still couldn’t get a tone I was entirely happy with to let me wear them with the shorts I was planning on but the the shape of them is great and they even come with a hairy toe option.


Skin ~ PXL

Shirt ~ Alphamale

Jeans ~ Zaara

Cardigan (over shoulders) ~ Coco

Feet ~ SLink


~ by Bronson Twine on May 27, 2009.

3 Responses to “Barefoot.”

  1. The perfect suit to visit some french place 🙂

  2. I have the same problem with prim feet. I can NEVER get the color right. So I don’t buy them anymore. Gabbby = *FAIL*

  3. hairy toes… fashion FAIL…LOL

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