Divine Providence.

I have to admit that during all of my time in Second Life I’ve never been tempted to get involved in role-playing. I admire the skill it takes to create a character and the use of emoting to develop their story. I admire the cities and worlds that have been created for others to role-play in. But most of all I admire the creativity and attention to detail that many creators put into their clothing and accessories which are geared towards the role-playing world.

This outfit started out with the leather pants and harness from the Providence set from RFyre. There are 18 pieces include in this creatively constructed set – all are wonderfully textured. There’s an excellent post on Winter Jeffersons blog which shows a lot more of the included pieces. I used the bottom part of the trench coat as a skirt and added the arm bands and chest armor from BroGear. I re-textured them both with an inexpensive leather texture from PaSaRa.

The sword is a freebie found on Xstreet. I’ve included a direct link to the page, as well as direct Slurls to the stores in the list below the pictures.

Divine Providence

Skin ~ Nikita Fride Design

Pants, harness & skirt ~ RFyre Gothic Couture Clothing

Boots ~ Bukka

Hair ~ Bewitched Hair

Tattoos ~ Negko Design

Eyes ~ 5ifth Order

Sword ~ Xstreet

Bolt in head ~ Rockers Wear

~ by Bronson Twine on May 31, 2009.

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  1. Will you watch the new Terminator ? lol

  2. I absolutely love your blog, your look is never the same and always a great combination of pieces. :]

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