Subtle Stripes.

A simple, casual look today. Suitable to wear while you’re taking part in the Make Him Over Hunt and with a bag to put all your swag in…..

The tank is from Moonshine. Subtle stripes and available in a number of colour options to be worn by themselves or layered as I’ve done with this cardigan from A:S:S. I sometimes have trouble with clothes that sit on a certain part of my shoulders which results in a jagged, stretching effect (gone a little too far with the shoulder sliders, I think). Unfortunately, this occurred with this cardigan so I just threw on my Arai rucksack to hide it.

The scarf is from Maitreya and can be seen on most of the female avatars around Second Life. It’s such a cool piece that I thought I’d claim it for the guys too, although a little bit of modification was necessary. You see, the dangly, long bits at the front are shaped to fit over the female form so I had to modify them separately and rotate them back a little then re-position them.

Subtle Stripes

Skin ~ PXL

Hair ~ Bryce

Tank ~ Moonshine

Cardigan ~ A:S:S

Jeans ~ Primitive Design

Shoes ~ Magi Take

Rucksack ~ Arai

Scarf ~ Maitreya

~ by Bronson Twine on June 3, 2009.

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