Ties Them All Together.

More colour tinting today – I love it because it enables you to use items in an outfit the you normally couldn’t and ties them all together to help you achieve a coherent look.

The shoes are from Hoorenbooek and available as part of the MHO Hunt. I tinted the jacket (part of a suit from SF Design) and the sweater (from Curiosity) to match.

The cords are from Bagley, come in a range of colours, have prim cuffs (which I needed to adjust a little) and are only L$40 a pair (I think). A fat pack is also available.

Accessories help to make an outfit and so I threw on one of my favourite scarves from Argrace and some gloves from En Svale.

Ties Them All Together

Skin ~ Damiani

Pants ~ Bagley

Shoes ~ Hoorenbeek

Jacket ~ SF Design

Sweater ~ Curiosity

Gloves ~ En Svale

Scarf ~ Argrace

Hair ~ Bryce


~ by Bronson Twine on June 6, 2009.

2 Responses to “Ties Them All Together.”

  1. Nice look… I do like how you shoot the shoes like that. Those are cool, I’d love those in rl even. Tinting is something I tend to totally forget about… thanks for the reminder. Nicely put together, scarf seems to be a staple for you, being a guy, it must be a bit limiting when you can’t use the many necklaces and earrings that us female bloggers have access to. Well done.

  2. Awesome look. You always put it together so well!

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