No, youre eyes are not deceiving you – I’ve gone blonde. Never something I thought would happen but Belleza have just released the new Johan skin and I love it. One was given out as a group gift yesterday and within seconds of receiving it I was wearing it, had photographed it and was showing it off on Plurk.

Now, as I’ve said before, I’m no skin reviewer but like clothes I know what I like and the quality of Belleza skins is the reason why I’m drawn to them. The one I’ve wearing here is not the group gift and from what I can tell, the body of the new skins doesn’t differ from the previous recent releases from Belleza – the subtle yet detailed shading and attention to detail are all present and correct. The facial hair options are also similar to the previous releases but seem to have been reworked to complement the lighter hair tone and to me they look just that little bit, well, hairier and realistic. I could ramble on for ages about the creases around the eyes and the veins in the arms but I’ll spare you all that and just let you know that as usual they come with an eyeliner option and demos are available in store.

I was in Artilleri earlier today wearing this skin when a random stranger stopped to complement me on it – and I don’t think that has ever happened to me before. Anyway, I was there to pick up these jeans. I love turn-ups and these are big and chunky and the jeans themselves come on the pants and underpants layer. They come in four different colours and well worth the reasonable price.


Skin ~ Belleza

Eyes ~ Poetic Colour

Shirt & tie ~ Argrace

T-shirt ~ Armidi

Shoes ~ Urban Bomb Unit

Jeans ~ Artilleri

Bracelets ~ Zona Cero


~ by Bronson Twine on June 8, 2009.

4 Responses to “Johan.”

  1. You look great as a blond! The Belleza skins look amazing on your shape. Love that look!

  2. I’m glad to see he made lighter tones but I wish it was still dark hair. Good stuff though as always!

  3. And it’s still dark: Johan is basically the same skin as Jonas, only with highlights and rare facial hair.

  4. Beautiful face !! i Love the Pc eyes !!

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