I have to admit that I don’t wear pink in real life. Not that I’ve got anything against it. Some guys look great in it. I just happen not to. Although I did have a pink sweater that my mother hand-knitted for me in the 80’s but it made me look like one of Five Star (look them up if you’re too young to remember them…)

Anyway, I picked up this hat and pants from NINOKOBOY and the pants pockets have this great patchwork detailing on them which features a lot of pink, so a pink shirt seemed the right way to go. Whippet & Buck sell these fantastic shirts in a huge variety of colours and at the great price they charge for them its well worth picking a few up. They come on every layer you could possibly want as well.

The glasses are new(ish) from HOC. Theres nothing I can say about this place that I haven’t said before but you can change the colour of the frame as well as the colour and opacity of the lens from the usual menu.


Skin ~Belleza

Hant & pants ~ NINOKOBOY

Shirt ~ Whippet & Buck

Shoes (colour tinted from white) & glasses ~ HOC

Bag ~ Izumiya

Tattoo ~ HUZ Tats

~ by Bronson Twine on June 13, 2009.

2 Responses to “Pinked.”

  1. “Il ne faut jamais dire jamais” 🙂
    It’s time to change ^^

  2. That actually looks great on you. I love the patchwork… I’ll have to check out Ninokoboy. Thanks for sharing that find.

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