The Reason.

Theres a reason why I rarely wear prim hair and the reason is this – I’m not very good at getting it to fit. Don’t get me wrong, I can manipulte prims to a fairly decent level. I can move, stretch, rotate and alter the individual parts but when it comes to hair I can never get it to fit exactly right. Theres always a bald patch or something is sticking out where it shouldnt. And to top it all I just dont have the patience, especially when theres skins with painted hair and so many hats to choose from.

But I liked this hair from Cake so thought I’d give it another go and kinda got it to fit apart from a few ear issues which I wont go into – just dont get too close to me when I’m wearing it….

The jeans are from WMD who do some of my favourite jeans in Second Life. I love the seam deatailing on these and the cuff attachements took hardly any altering. The boots are also from WMD and I’ve blogged them before but they fit so perfectly with these jeans that it seem a shame to alter the cuffs to get them to accomodate another pair of shoes.

There are some pieces of clothing that I wear so often that I’m reluctant to blog them – this t-shirt from Muism has hardly been off my back since I bought it but the outfit needed a simple shirt and this fit the bill perfectly. It comes on all layers and the rolled up sleeve attachments few easily adjusted.

*Update* Just had it pointed out to me that Tact Arida posted a similar look to this one a couple of weeks ago. And by similar I mean almost identical. If I’m inspired by things I see in any other blogs I give credit but this seems to be a case of great minds thinking alike (or not so great in my case) and no intentional copying was done.

Check Tacts post out here.

The Reason

Skin ~ Belleza

Hair ~ Cake

Jeans & Boots ~ WMD

Shirt ~ Muism

Bracelet ~ Shine


~ by Bronson Twine on June 17, 2009.

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  1. Great look! I’m loving the hair on you! 🙂

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  3. You look so good with prim hair!Really handsome!
    The photo totally catches my eyes!

  4. I like the look on you!

  5. Wow, how could i missed such a great blog at this while! Luv your blog!

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