On The Edge.

I have a t-shirt in my inventory that I really want to blog about so I went out this morning to find something to go with it. I was thinking of some kind of open jacket or a waistcoat to go over the top but typically I found something totally different and went with that instead.

I love this shirt from Primitive Design. It only comes on the jacket layer and with a sleeve filler on the shirt layer but there are options to wear it with or with out the tie and a version with the tie drawn onto the shirt itself if you’re not keen on flexi ties. Various colours are available in store.

The boots are from edge grafica which is a cool little place selling items for free or for L$1. They mainly stock womens wear and accessories but theres the odd piece for the guys. I had to stretch the boots and move them around a fair bit to get them to fit but you cant really complain when you pay $L1 for them. They are fully mod which enabled me to tint the sole from it’s usual brown colour to red to match with the tie.

On The Edge

Skin ~ Belleza

Eyes ~ Poetic Colour

Shirt ~ Primitve Design

Jeans ~ Zanzo

Boots ~ Edge Grafica

Hat ~ KalRau


~ by Bronson Twine on June 28, 2009.

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  1. How ingenious to tint the sole! I have those boots, too, and it took me a considerable amount of adjusting, but it was worth it. They’re as nice as boots I’ve paid 400L for. That’s a good look on you.

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