A Little Naughty.

Its Saturday and I can’t say that I’m not pleased about it. After the week I’ve had its great to have a little time to myself. Some time to catch up on some sleep. Some time to messs around in Second Life. And some time to bring you another blog post.

Amerie’s Naughty have just released a small collection of clothes for men, part of which are the shirt and trousers I’m wearing here. Various colours / patterns are available and I’m looking forward to seeing the range expand.

The cap I’m wearing is from Hoorenbeek and comes in a pack with two different hairstyles in three different shades. The cap itself is colour change although there is no included script to resize so you have to do it manually. My only gripe is that there doesnt seem to be a cap only version, which I would have liked but as they’re copy/mod, I fully intend on having a go at making one myself.

A Little Naughty

Skin ~ Belleza

Hat/hair ~ Hoorenbeek

Shirt / trousers ~ Amerie’s Naughty

Shoes ~ KalRau

Hoodie (round waist) ~ Freedo.Om


~ by Bronson Twine on July 4, 2009.

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  1. That looks so great, man! I love it. I’m on my way to check that shirt out right now. Also, thanks for adding us to your blogroll!

  2. Excellent shirt, that is.


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