Bizarre Mental Link.

I bought the wrong shoes today. Well, actually they were the right shoes but I assumed they were texture change and ended up buying ones in a colour I didn’t want. Grrrr. Never mind. I’m sure I’ll be able to build an outfit around them for a future post.

Kinda like I built this outfit around the sweater from Merikan. Its a store I’d heard of but had somehow managed to avoid (possibly because the name makes me think of merkins, which is never a good association). But don’t let my bizarre mental links put you off checking out the store as it’s full of really excellent pieces. Great texture work and I also picked up a couple of pairs of jeans when I was there.

The sweater itself comes in a pack with a turtle neck and v-neck version. A few different colours are available and the collar and cuffs just needed a little adjustment to get them to fit.

Bizarre Mental Link

Skin ~ Belleza

Hair ~ MADesigns

Sweater ~ Merikan

Boots ~ *ordinary*

Jeans ~ WMD

Bag ~ Arai


~ by Bronson Twine on July 7, 2009.

6 Responses to “Bizarre Mental Link.”

  1. Love this one! You look great in that hair and I need those shoes!

  2. Those boots totally rock! Well worth building an outfit just around them. I agree with previous comment as well – blonde definitely suits you.

  3. Thanks, guys!
    The boots are great – a little pricey as all the shoes from that store tend to be, but worth it I think.
    I surprised myself at how well that hair worked too. Much lighter than I’d normally go for.

  4. Meriken is my all-time favorite place to shop… I think I have at least one of everything they make. I’m so glad you’ve discovered it! I also think of merkins every time I type out that name, but I try to have a sense of humor about it. Hey, crotch wigs are funny, right?

    That’s some of my favorite hair, especially in that blond. Very flattering.

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  6. Well it’s about time you hit Meriken 😉

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