Won’t Say No.

I like jeans. Its hardly the confession of the century, but I do. Pretty much every store out there will do a denim range but there’s things I look for in a pair of jeans, otherwise they wont make it into my inventory. So….

1. Good texturing. They need to look like denim. I want to see detailing and stitching and obviously the seams have to match.

2. Sculpted/prim cuffs. Now I know there’s decent jeans out there that don’t have these but I prefer the look you get with a good cuff. I don’t like the pointy, ragged bottom you sometimes get without them.

3. Layers. The style of some jeans mean that the cuffs need to be flared to accommodate the sculpted parts. But give me a underpants layer too. So that I can wear them with boots and an untucked shirt. I just want options. That’s all.

Anyway, these new jeans from Adam n Eve have all of the above. A new selection of menswear and hair have just been released (really liking their polo shirts too) and are well worth checking out.

I have another confession. I’ve stolen Tact Arida‘s scarf. I’m sure he won’t mind, but I saw this scarf featured on his blog a few times and I had to get one. Its from Lotta, which is a womans store and so I had to make it a lot bigger to get it to fit. Now, my av is fairly large and even at its biggest size it still didn’t fit quite right, but I cant really complain as it wasn’t made for me. Although if they want to make one especially for me, I won’t say no…..

Won't Say No

Skin ~ Belleza

Jeans ~ Adam n Eve

Shirt ~ Emery

Waistcoat ~ NoaR

Boots ~ Hoorenbeek

Scarf ~ Lotta

Hat ~ Kari


~ by Bronson Twine on July 13, 2009.

7 Responses to “Won’t Say No.”

  1. Quite the smart look!!! (deoes the sexy whistle) Time to head over to check out the scarf too.

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  4. That looks so great. I don’t usually get impressed with jeans looks, but the waistcoat kicks it up a notch. The details on the shirt peeking out from under it really make it interesting.

  5. Wow, that’s a very subtle and sexy look! /me wolfwhistles.

  6. I wouldn’t say no to… Nevermind!
    Great look. I keep seeing great stuff from Lotta and I must go there.

  7. Nice post! For me, my favorite item is the hat; it really brings a certain flavour to your look, suits so well with the waistcoat. Sexy and not over the top. I mark you 10/10!

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