Rebel Yellow.

Normally when I walk into a store, my eyes are drawn to straight to certain colours. Colours I like and colours I like to wear. And its obvious to anyone who looks at this blog now and then what those colours are. But yellow? I don’t have the naturally sunny disposition to make it one of my usual colours of choice but I like to try new things. Occasionally.

I stopped by NU which is a new store to me and I liked the look of these shirts straight away. So in the spirit of trying something new I bypassed the black, white, brown, blue and even the pink option and went for the yellow. All layers come in the pack as well as the collar and cuffs which needed a little adjusting.

The hair is from Shag, and I was so tempted to pull on some Plus 4’s and find myself a small white dog and go for the whole Tin Tin look, but thankfully I didn’t. Again it’s a different look for me, but I like this style a lot. There’s a number of different colour options available, so go down and check them out sometime.

The bag is from HOC and is as brilliantly priced and textured as everything else in that store is. Three different colours come in the pack.

Rebel Yellow

Skin ~ Belleza

Hair ~ Shag

Shirt ~ NU

Trousers ~ Artilleri

Shoes ~ Parx

Bag ~ HOC

Tattoo ~ Dermagraphicus Rex


~ by Bronson Twine on July 20, 2009.

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