That’ll Do.

OK, so I had a night out in First Life last night. I was going out straight from work but decided halfway through the day that the shirt I was wearing was a bit too scruffy and so I bombed across to the shops during the half hour I have for lunch. I quickly found a shirt I quite liked, thought ‘ That’ll do’ and went to pay for it.  The assistant asked if I was going out that night. I said yes and she told me that loads of men come in on a Friday afternoon and quickly pick up something to wear to go out in that night. Which got me thinking – how many guys do that in Second Life? Walk into a store and buy the first things we see because ‘That’ll do’. A fair number I’m guessing.

So I based todays post on pieces I really like, not just ones that would do.

I found this hat at Illusions and it was yet another case of hat love at first sight. The band and the hat itself are colour change.

I teamed it with a polo shirt from Adam n Eve (love the collar on this) and a tanktop (or sweater vest if you prefer) from FIR.

I also had to wear my favourite new tattoo from Warudakumi. Unfortunatly the outfit means you cant see too much of it here, but its bound to show up in a couple of more posts.

That'll Do

Skin ~ Belleza

Hat ~ Illusions

Polo shirt ~ Adam n Eve

Sweater vest ~ FIR

Tattoo ~ Warudakumi

Boots ~ WMD

Watch ~ Savvy

Trousers ~ Aoharu

Toothpick ~ Calypso Gianno


~ by Bronson Twine on August 1, 2009.

2 Responses to “That’ll Do.”

  1. A retro look with a bit a bling and a mysterious tat. Well done Mr. B. And yes, most of what I wear (RL/SL) falls under the “that’ll do” category. Must be a guy thing!

  2. I only fork over for something if I really love it. I just happen to really love a LOT of things in SL. In RL I have a much smaller wardrobe of loved pieces because I can’t afford the lavish couture I can afford in SL. My most expensive SL outfit: $30ish. Prada suit: $2000ish.

    This is a great look. I looove that hat.

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