0.3 Seconds Of Consideration.

Originally, I was just gonna fill todays post with bad jokes. But then some cool, new stuff found its way into my inventory so after 0.3 seconds of consideration, I decided to show you that instead. I’ll just have to tell you the answer to ‘What wobbles and flies?’ another time…..

The shirt/sweater combo is from Young Urban and is inspired by some sketches by James Schwarz with a healthy dose of Charlie Brown thrown in for good measure. Various colours are available and you can also see them over at the Young Urban blog.

The shoes are new from House Of Curios and I imagine they’ll be welded to my feet for the foreseeable future. Each section is colour change, male and female versions are included in the pack and all for only L$50.

0.3 Seconds Of Consideration

Skin ~ Belleza

Shirt ~ Young Urban

Shoes ~ HOC

Jeans ~ Primitive Design

Hat ~ Argrace

Wristband ~ KalRau

Necklace ~ Juice


~ by Bronson Twine on August 5, 2009.

5 Responses to “0.3 Seconds Of Consideration.”

  1. I love bad jokes! But thanks for blogging man! Looks great.

  2. OMG new HOC shoes! Thanks for pointing those out. I’m loving Trevor’s Charlie Brown shirts… I’m sure I’ll be blogging them soon myself. I love how you matched it with that hat. It’s a very modern take.

  3. Now I’ll never know what wobbles and flies 😦

  4. […] Go here to see the original: 0.3 Seconds Of Consideration. […]

  5. I’m really really proud that Trevor made my dream come true by making that piece i doodled!!

    Great post and yes the Velcro shoes are the bomb.

    – James Schwarz

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