Lazy Shopper.

I’ve been looking at the set that this jacket comes from for a while. It’s my kind of style and something that I know I’d get a lot of wear out of. Its really well textured, the sculpted parts are really well made and there’s so many different layer options available that it could make your head spin. So why didn’t I buy it sooner?

Well, its from Indi Designs who sell their items as full outfits. And at around L$450 per outfit, its not cheap. But I’m glad I took the plunge. Its a store thats perfect for the lazy shopper and you can also pick up shoes and hats that co-ordinate with the outfits.

But as I like to mix and match I couldn’t just wear the jeans and t-shirt that came with it. So I teamed it with jeans from Urban Outfitters and a tee from Aitui.

The shoes are from Magi Take and are L$10 a pair or L$45 for the fatpack of seven different colours. I actually colour tinted the white ones here to match the jacket. There’s also a free pair for group members upstairs.

Lazy Shopper

Skin ~ Belleza

Jacket & hoodie ~ INDI Designs

Jeans ~ Urban Outfitters

Shoes ~ Magi Take

T-shirt ~ Aitui

Glasses ~ PrimOptic

Hat ~ Argrace

~ by Bronson Twine on August 6, 2009.

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  1. Is that part of the Harvey look from INDI?

    • It think thats the one. Have to admit to not paying a lot of attention to the names of things.

  2. You would post this right as I”m heading out the door to work. Now how am I supposed to concentrate at work knowing those shoes are waiting to be bought? {:o) I know where I plan to be shopping in about 9 hours! Great outfit btw.

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