Earlier Than Intended.

It’s Saturday. A day where I look forward to a nice long lie in and to catch up on some of the sleep that I didn’t get during the week. But unfortunately I woke up far earlier than I intended today. A nap might be called for later, but in the meantime I thought I’d throw an outfit together for today’s post.

I picked this shirt up while wandering around the Horror Festival at Drowsy. There’s loads of cool little stalls and this shirt from Kurotsubaki is sitting on one of them. Now, I think it may be intended to be a womans shirt, although I could be wrong. I had to adjust the cuffs a fair bit to get them to fit and there is also a sculpted collar included, which I chose not to wear.

The shoes are from Kookie and I like them very much. Casual, battered and available in a number of different colours.

Earlier Than Intended

Skin ~ Belleza

Shoes~ Kookie

Shirt ~ Kurotsubaki @ Drowsy Horror Festival

Bracelets ~ Zona Cero (left), Mhaijik (right)

T-shirt (under shirt) ~ Boom

Hair ~ Uncleweb Studio

Trousers (colour tinted) ~ Muism

Scarf ~ Argrace

Glasses ~ HOC


~ by Bronson Twine on August 8, 2009.

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