Out Of The Coffin.

Alts. Most of us will admit to having one. Or two. Or twelve. We use them for various things and I’ll admit to having two that I use for photography (shameless self plug here.…). Now, I know that I don’t need them, after all I could easily change the shape and skin of my main avatar, but somehow it doesn’t feel quite right. And besides, if I want to do a group shot I’ve got the extra person to hand when I need them.

So today I’m blogging with my male alt. My little emo/goth/vampire brother. He doesnt get out much but when I found the male vampire skins at Den Dou I had to drag him out of his coffin to get a set. A version of the female one is available as part of the CSR event and I was rather pleased when I found there was a male version available. Various skin tones are on offer and four skins come in the pack – without fangs (shown here), with fangs and two with varying bloodiness around the mouth. A shape (which I modified a little) and a set of eyes are also included. Packs of different coloured eyes are available in the store and I like them so much I had to pick up an extra set.

The outfit is from Discord and comprises the jacket, trousers, black t-shirt and belt. A white version of the shirt is also included – and all for L$90. As the shirt is quite short, I threw on a sheer tee from Boom underneath.

Out Of The Coffin

Skin, shape  & eyes ~ Den-Dou

Outfit ~ Discord

Sheer t-shirt ~ Boom

Boots ~ HOC

Hair ~ Uw.St

Taped fingers ~ SiniStyle

~ by Bronson Twine on August 9, 2009.

7 Responses to “Out Of The Coffin.”

  1. your alt is stylish
    is he available for… errr… group shots?

  2. 😀 nice look today! you absolutely shine in den-dou skins.

  3. Nice to meet the alt. You should bring him out more often. That skin photgraphs nicely. I plan to head over later and check out the store. Never been into the goth/emo/vampire scene but may have to expand my horizon.

  4. Love it. It’s great to see you doing something edgier!

  5. Absolutely gorgeous! You did a wonderful job putting him together.

  6. I agree.. he is yummeh 🙂

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