A Little Naive.

The (ir)regular guy Guide To Shopping:

1) Does the item come on all available layers?

2) Is the item well textured?

3) Are the attachments well sculpted and easy to modify?

4) Can the item be gifted?

5) Does the item come in a number of different colours?

6) Is the item reasonably / affordably priced?

So, I went to Naive today with the above list in hand and every single one of the above points applied. I only picked up the hooded top  and jeans, but loved pretty much everything in there and I know I’ll be back.

I teamed them with some shoes from Ordinary which I bought in error a while back. For some reason I thought they were texture change, despite the fact that it doesn’t say anywhere on the vendor that they are. So, I’m a dumbass – but they’re great shoes so I can’t really complain….

A Little Naive

Skin ~ Belleza

Top and Jeans ~ Naive

Shoes ~ *ordinary*

Hair ~ Shag

Glasses ~ PrimOptic


~ by Bronson Twine on August 10, 2009.

5 Responses to “A Little Naive.”

  1. Awesome look ❤ Heads up, Naive SLURL is outdated/wrong 😦

  2. Great look! Naïve has great stuff for guys and girls. 😉

    You’re not a dumbass. I bought some red boots in ordinary thinking they were texture changing when I really wanted the black ones. It might the vendor always changing the image or the price…

  3. I prefer items that are copy & I would also like to add clothing layers to be modify so that clothing can be fitted well and tinted if necessary.

    Great look though.

  4. OH wow!!! I’m so honored you featured Naive!!! I love your blog!!

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