Those Things.

There are things in my inventory that have been there for ages. Some of those things have barely been worn, usually because I couldn’t get them to fit right. So today I thought I’d find one of those things and build an outfit around it and make the bloody thing fit if it killed me trying.

And the thing I chose is this muffler from Aitui. I love it. I’ve always loved it. But there was always part of it that embedded itself into my avatar or would eat my chin. Now, I’m sure this is mainly due to my size and shape but I pulled, prodded and poked it to try and get it to fit. And did I succeed? Did I hell. But I got it pretty damn close.

I teamed it with the pea coat from En Svale which comes in two different colours and can be bought as a gift too. A female version is also available in store.

The boots are from WMD and available at their new mainstore. I have a major fondness for all the boots I’ve bought from there and these are no exception. They’re script sizeable and you get versions with and without the tags on the top.

Those Things

Skin ~ Belleza

Boots ~ WMD

Coat ~ En Svale

Trousers ~ Armidi

Muffler ~ Aitui

Hair ~ MADesgins


~ by Bronson Twine on August 13, 2009.

3 Responses to “Those Things.”

  1. Great outfit for the blustery winters of Chicago. I”m missing them right now in this muggy southern heat!

  2. Wow I love that peacoat. I’ll have to remember it for when it gets cold enough here to be able to stand the idea of so many clothes on. I saw those new boots but I wasn’t sure they were must-have. Now I’m thinking they probably are.

  3. I agree with Theodore on the boots. WMD has been stepping up their shoe game and I’m definitely diggin’ those.

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