Little Brother.

Sometimes I find stuff when I’m wandering around the grid that I love but I’m not sure if it would suit me. I tend to keep away from skinny jeans as my avs legs are a little bulky and they don’t look quite right on me. And when I found this jacket I thought it was great but would look much better on a slimmer frame. So once again I dragged out the alt….

The jacket is from Atomic and I love the arm sculpts on this. It can be worn with the hood up or down and there’s a number of different colour options available.

The skin is from a.C Store and is another thing that just doesn’t work on my main avatar, but works well on my little brother here. A number of different make ups are available and the collection that this one is from was available as a discounted price when I was last down at the store.

The bag is from Kari and is texture change from a selection of  musical motifs. For once I didn’t have to adjust this bag to fit and as its worn around the back of the avatar, it didn’t interfere with AO poses.

Little Brother

Skin ~ a.C Store / Glox City

Jacket ~ Atomic

Jeans ~ Chinese Takeout

Shoes ~ Monogrind

Hair ~ Uw.St

Bag ~ Kari

Eyes ~ Den-Dou

Piercing (modified) ~ FlipSide

Taped fingers ~ SiniStyle


~ by Bronson Twine on August 19, 2009.

3 Responses to “Little Brother.”

  1. Can I be introduced to your alt…?

  2. cool look Bronson – the jeans definitely look great!

  3. I love when you come out as your little brother!

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