Out Of The Pit.

It’s been a while since my last blog post – mainly because I’ve spent the last weekend at a music festival. But now I’m home and rested and back to blogging…

Valiant have recently reopened and I wandered down there to have a look around. After I clambered out of the pit which seems to have opened in the middle of the store, I found this sweater which I like a lot. Its come on various layers and the belt is actually part of the sweater but it can be tucked if you prefer it without.

I teamed it with jeans from Naith Smit. Love the detailing on the back of these and two types of sculpted legs come with them.

Out Of The Pit

Skin ~ Belleza

Sweater ~ Valiant

Jeans ~ Naith Smit

Hat & Shoes ~ Redgrave

Necklace ~ Studio Sidhe

Eyes ~ Poetic Colour (current freebie)

~ by Bronson Twine on September 1, 2009.

5 Responses to “Out Of The Pit.”

  1. When you said a festival – do you mean Reading festival? OMGAWL I’d be so jealous! That’s a really nice look ! x

    • I was at Leeds – the Northern version of Reading. And next years tickets are already booked \o/

  2. I really like this look. It suits you. 😉

  3. Holy shit! That still makes me jealous, wanted to go for Reading, but missed out on the ticks – now I know why, if it bloody starts getting booked a year in advance !! *shakes my head* x

  4. Totally meant to go to Reading for Sunday, but never got around to getting tickets. Saw some of the coverage on the BBC though and AFI looked like they were epic.

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