Living For The Weekend.

Its been along week. Too much to do, and as always not enough time to do it. But I can’t complain. Especially as its Friday which means I have the weekend ahead of me and some time to relax.

So, a nice, relaxed outfit seemed to be called for and the trackpants from Fishy Strawberry seemed to be the perfect place to start. The sculpted parts around the ankles didnt need to be adjusted at all but I had to move the laces at the waist up a fair bit at they attached in the middle of my av’s duffle bag, which is not where I wanted them. Not at all.

The jacket is from Marinesta and is available in four colours. Only the jacket layer is included, but as it’s a jacket I suppose the others are not really necessary in this case. Cuffs and collar are included and easy to readjust if required.

The shoes are from Urban Bomb Unit. They are relatively new and blogged to death already elsewhere, but are as brilliant as their other shoes are. Texture and size can be customised with the included HUD as well as the option to wear them with or without laces. Cool stuff.

Living For The Weekend

Skin ~ Belleza

Jacket ~ Marinesta

Trackpants ~ Fishy Strawberry

Shoes ~ Urban Bomb Unit

Glasses ~ Kalnins

Tattoo ~ Garden Of Ku

T-shirt ~ Armidi

Hat / hair ~ Argrace


~ by Bronson Twine on September 18, 2009.

2 Responses to “Living For The Weekend.”

  1. Great look!

    /me steals your glasses…

  2. Mmm I’m really liking this fuzzy faced skin on you. Can’t say the mustard does it for me, but somehow you carry it off.

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