Brown Eyed Boy.

I was wandering around the grid today, looking for some clothes. Now, you knew how fond I am of a decent pair of jeans and I stumbled across a pair I liked. Mens jeans. Decent texturing. Well shaped sculpted cuffs. And all was well until I put them on. They we’re cut so low that they exposed most of my arse crack and a decent about of pubic hair. And there was no way I was going to be posting pictures of that. So, after a little more exploring I pulled together this outfit instead.

The top is from Aitui and I love the design and the shading of the fabric on this. A number of different colours are available as well as plain and striped versions.

I put a shirt under it from Argrace which I colour tinted to match. The cuffs attach much further up the arm so I reattached them to the forearm attachment point and then modded them to fit.

Normally I take a close up picture of the shoes I’m wearing, but not today. Partly because I’ve blogged these boots before but mainly because I’m feeling far too lazy and having to rez, position and put a shadow prim under them seemed like far too much hard work…..

Brown Eyed Boy

Skin ~ Damiani

Top & tattoo~ Aitui

Shirt & tie (colour tinted) ~ Argrace

Trousers (colour tinted) ~Emery

Boots ~ WMD

Eyes ~ Eponym

Hair ~ Uw.St

Taped fingers ~ SiniStyle


~ by Bronson Twine on September 26, 2009.

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  1. someone is getting lazy! hehe
    I do not blame you.
    nice look

  2. Just read about your new shop ‘Eponym’ on the Skeek blog, Congratulations Bronson! Will head over soon.

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