For every good sequel theres a bad one (although there tends to be a hell of a lot more bad ones out there.) For every Speed 2 theres an Empire Strikes Back and these new skins from Belleza definitely fit into the ‘great and many, many times better and improved than the original’ category.

Ewan 2 is only currently available at the Vanity Skin Fair although there will be an official release on 14th November when I’m assuming they’ll be available in the main store. Only the tan and sun-kissed skin tones are available at the moment although lighter tones will be released in the future. These new skins use the facial features from the original Ewan range but add the texturing and shading of the newer skin releases.

Now, I used to wear the original Ewan skins so lets just say that I’m rather pleased to have gotten my grubby little mitts on these and wont be taking them off any time soon (or until Belleza release more mens skins, I guess…..)


Skin ~ Belleza @ Vanity Skin Fair

Eyes ~ Poetic Colour


~ by Bronson Twine on November 8, 2009.

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  1. oh yess I have been waiting for this one!

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