Dark Depths.

I swore I would never be one of those guys who wanders around Second Life shirtless. Because people make clothes to be worn and so bothering to put some on is the only decent thing to do. But when I’m pulling stuff together for a blog post I tend to tp into a store to pick something up only wearing half an outfit. I’m surprised I havent been fugged yet, but if you see me out and about wearing one shoe and my head being eaten by badly fitting hair I hope you’ll understand what I’m up to and not abuse me too much.

Anyway, despite this outfit not having a shirt I found that I had to put one on whenever I left my skybox. Repressed, I know. But the shirt has to be left off here to show the tattoo from Aitui. A whole bunch were recently released and until this weekend, I still hadn’t taken a good look around. But I found this one and had to have it.

The jeans are from Zoobong and I’ve had them for a while. I bought them without realising how low cut they are. It never occurred to me that you had to wear underwear with them (insert facepalm here). And if youre showing your underwear off you may as well get some from Vitamen. No threadbare, baggy fronted, poo-stained undies here. All good stuff in this store.  The ones I’m wearing actually come with a vest and I highly recommend them.

The eyes are from a set I made for Halloween and absolutely no-one bought them (rofl) so I’ve put them out as a freebie at Eponym for a couple of weeks if anyone should want them. After that, they’ll be consigned to the dark depths of my inventory….

Skin ~ &bean

Jeans ~ Zoobong

Underwear ~ Vitamen

Tattoo and hair ~ Aitui

Eyes ~ Eponym

Shoes ~ Maschienenwerk (free)

Necklace ~ Lucas Lameth

Earrings ~ Lucas Lameth (lucky chair – female gift)

Leather bracelet and piercing ~ Somapop (L$1)

Taped fingers ~ SiniStyle


~ by Bronson Twine on November 22, 2009.

5 Responses to “Dark Depths.”

  1. “No threadbare, baggy fronted, poo-stained undies here.”

    THANK GOD! It’s about time you started washing your undies! \o/

  2. it’s nice to see some BEAN skin on the lads.
    well done!

  3. Stunning!

  4. Yes, I spend half my time in SL half dressed or wearing mismatched pieces, etc. I shop without shoes, walking around in demos, etc.

  5. I do that too often as well! i’m always mid-look or wearing something already blogged until the next outfit! One of these days someone’s is going to catch me hairless with half of my prims on while shopping!

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