The Void.

Tomorrow signals my first full week back at work since the Christmas holidays. And am I looking forward to it? Am I bugger. But off to work I must go because if I don’t how am I going to afford virtual things that I don’t need but want? And if I don’t buy them I can’t blog them. And if I don’t blog them then a giant armadillo will grow in the void and consume the planet. Or something.

Moving swiftly on, I wandered down to +grasp+ today and left wanting most (if not all) of the stuff from there in my inventory. I reigned myself in and just picked up a couple of pieces. I got this shirt because it has a little Union Jack on the front (or Union Flag if you’re being pedantic), and a big skull on the back. And being a Brit who like things with skulls on them, I thought it was apt.

And I got the boots there too. Took a load of resizing (with the included script) and adjusting and I still think they’re a little too big but I was getting hungry and my patience was not what it could have been…..

Skin ~ Hermony

Shirt and boots ~ +grasp+

Necklace & bracelet ~ Group gifts from +grasp+

Jeans ~ Virus Company

Vest ~ Vitamen

Hair ~ Uw.St

Tattoo~ Aitui

Eyes ~ Poetic Colour

Taped fingers ~ SiniStyle


~ by Bronson Twine on January 3, 2010.

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  1. Best intro paragraph ever. Avoid the void!

  2. Giant armadillos are scary.

    Great look! /me steals your boots

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