Anyone who reads this blog knows that I’m a major fan of Belleza skin. And I’m also fond of stripping down to my skivvies to show off any new releases.

Thomas was released yesterday and is a bit of a hit. In fact, I’ve already had an offer of molestation when wearing it. A group gift has also been issued, so if you’re not in the group yet, hand over your L$250 and get one of these.

The usual skin tones, eyeliner and hairbase options are available and theres a couple of different facial hair choices from previous releases. The full beard isn’t quite as dark and full and I’m rather fond of the 70’s porn tache. Very similar to one my Dad had when I’m a kid. I’m assuming he wasnt a porn star. Will have to ask him sometime….

Skin ~ Belleza

Eyes ~ Poetic Colour

Underwear ~ Aitui


~ by Bronson Twine on January 8, 2010.

2 Responses to “Thomas.”

  1. O_O

    You weren’t supposed to tell anyone that I offered to molest you!!!

    /me dies

  2. mmmmh On peut toucher ? :p

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