This Momentary.

Not in much of a writing mood today so heres the lyrics to the song I was listening to while taking the photos. Has nothing at all to do with what I’m wearing. But I like it.

We, you and me what is said wasn’t never meant to hurt,
Real stories always come off worse
Can we make the time to leave it behind and reshape, remake our faith in what we see, how you feel so unsteady,
I’m already out of reach, remember finding your feet,
In a fine time, take the time to find me,
I’ll be ready waiting lets do something real…
Lets do something real.

Delphic – This Momentary

Skin ~ Belleza (group gift)

Vest ~ Vitamen

Scarf and jeans ~ Naith Smit Design

Shoes ~ 2Real

Hair ~ Uw.St

Tattoo ~ dEVOL

Wristbands ~ Group gift from +grasp+

Armwarmers ~ Action (only hand part worn)

Eyes ~ Poetic Colour


~ by Bronson Twine on January 9, 2010.

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