Is It Friday Yet?

Its been one of those weeks. Too much work. Not enough sleep or fun time. But thankfully Fridays here, so just thought I’d share a few pictures before I take to my bed and begin the weekend in my favourite way – with a nice long lie-in….

Skin ~ Lelutka

Hair ~ Discord Designs

Shirt, trousers & suspenders ~ Homespun

Shoes ~ House Of Curios

Bag ~ Izumiya

Scarf ~ Connors

Eyes ~ Poetic Colour


~ by Bronson Twine on February 12, 2010.

3 Responses to “Is It Friday Yet?”

  1. Cool looking dude Mr Twine..very nice. I get the feeling you are English…”taking to my bed” is such quintessentially northern English phrase…unless of course our funny little sayings have permiated across the Atlantic..I say “you make me die” a lot which puzzles the yanks…heheh :).

  2. Yes…I gathered that Mr Twine. Well I am very English and very southern (and yes I know…never the twain shall meet…giggles* like marmite & peanut butter….or yorkshire pudding & icecream..the list is ENDLESS!). We know how much you northerners just love us southern uppity toffs! LOL 🙂

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