Dear Residents….

Dear Residents of Second Life,

I have a request. It’s quite a simple one and its one that some of you may indeed enjoy. I don’t mean to encroach on your lives any more than is necessary but if you happen to be passing by me one day and I  happen to say, ‘I just think I’ll take a quick look around :SEY’, then please, please stop me. A rugby tackle would be appropriate. Or maybe use a stun gun if you have one to hand. But just try to stop me because every time I go there I end up buying stuff. And if I don’t buy a lot there’s always stuff I want to go and get later.

Anyway, I went there today. And I bought this top. And these boots. And almost some other stuff but luckily my Linden balance ran dry and I came to my senses. The top is available in other colours and you can buy the boots in a number of different pattern options (I want for the plain corduroy ones) and they are colour change.

Now excuse me while I go and have a stern talk to myself about my spending habits…..

Skin ~ LaVie

Top and boots ~ :SEY

Trousers ~ Amerie

Hair ~ Find Ash

Glasses ~ Kalnins

Piercings~ Aitui

Taped fingers ~ SiniStyle

Tattoo ~ self made


~ by Bronson Twine on March 3, 2010.

7 Responses to “Dear Residents….”

  1. Hey, Bronson… have you been to sey lately?

  2. LOL I know how that goes. I always look at their stuff and I’m like “Ooo I want that and that and that.” And then it’s *facepalm*.

  3. haha ohhh “i’ma run by sey really quick” always has the same effect on me. but hey, at least you look wonderful upon exiting 😀 great look!

  4. I would sey(arf arf)the trip was totally worth it, it’s a great look!

  5. where can i get these kalnins sunglasses. i’ve search but couldnt find the right place that carried them.

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