Red Flags and Long Nights.

Normally when I do a blog post I pull the outfit together, take the pictures, edit them and then write the post – all in one session. But I seem to have a bit of a backlog going on at the moment. Having too much fun doing the picture side of things I guess and as a result I seem to have a few sets of pictures sitting there ready to go. Which is great except that I have a memory like one of those metal things with holes in it and forget where I bought things from….

Anyway, I worked out where these bits and pieces are from and so here they are.

Skin ~ LaVie

Sweater ~ Mother Goose’s

Shirt (part of the Pinstripe Formal Suit set) ~ Aoharu

Hat & armwarmers ~ Maitreya

Trousers ~ Armidi

Boots ~ WMD

Tattoo ~ Aitui

Eyes ~ Poetic Colour

Now playing: She Wants Revenge: Red Flags and Long Nights.

~ by Bronson Twine on March 7, 2010.

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