Down From The North.

I love it when I get my grimy little mitts on things that make me do my best Bill & Ted impression. This involves the cessation of all rational thought, a slightly slack jaw and the shrinking of my vocabulary to the word ‘Woah…’

The Rock’n’Rolla jacket from Naith Smit is a case in point and got the above reaction when I first put it on. I love the details on the lapels and especially the cross hanging from the pocket.

These shoes from 2REAL are pretty special too. Fantastically sculpted and textured and the textures of each individual part can be customised using the included HUD. You can also change the laces to be undone, tied, etc. Just wish I’d had more time to take a decent close up of them tonight. But I will. Eventually…

Skin ~ LaVie

Hair ~ Gritty Kitty

Eyes ~ Poetic Colour

Jacket & belt ~NSD

Shirt ~ Muism

T-shirt (part of the Kasuga set) ~ Discord

Jeans ~ Nardcotix

Shoes ~ 2REAL

Rosary ~ Lucas Lameth

Taped fingers ~ SiniStyle

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~ by Bronson Twine on March 12, 2010.

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  1. My girlfriend just showed me your blog, and I am officially in clothing heaven. I just read the entire thing, and I love what you’re doing here! Thanks so much for keeping the men of SL up to speed on what we can look like with some imagination and ingenuity.

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