Today Is A Birthday.

(ir)regular guy is one whole year old!

Exactly 12 months ago today I posted my first ever blog post and 12 months later I’m still here and still posting pictures of my avatar wearing stuff and still writing rubbish to go along with it. And most weirdly of all (to me at least) people keep looking at these pages and seem to like it.

So to all those people who look and comment, I thank you all.

Hair (Jet Spike) ~ Find Ash

Ears (Type 3 Stretched Ear – Twist) ~ Aitui

Shirt (Basic Deep V Neck – White) ~ Armidi

Balloon Lights ~ [North West]

Tattoo ~ Self made

Now playing:    The Sugarcubes – Birthday

~ by Bronson Twine on April 10, 2010.

7 Responses to “Today Is A Birthday.”

  1. Happy Birthday to this AWESOME blog! Best one there is for males in Second Life! HI5

  2. Wahoooooo, happy birthday blog! This is my favorite SL blog 😮

    Keep posting!

  3. Happy Birthday, blog!

    Although I have little use for men’s clothing in SL, this blog has always been one to jump out at me on the feeds. I LOVE the looks you create! Thank you! 🙂

  4. Happy bday to the hottest blogger evah! *kisses*

  5. Happy Birthday! And of course I have to look – too damn cute for your own good! 😀

  6. Bon anniversaire Bronson 🙂
    Time goes too fast 🙂

  7. Happy B-day!!
    In a world which is so hard to find really good men clothes in, y’all doing a great work! Followin here while im poor also and drooling around lmao.
    I wish y’all can keep it forever! I wish much more years for y’all!

    ps: I would happily accept if creator shares self made “evil twin” tattoo =]

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