Need More Time.

I have a few things from {theosophy} in my skybox which I love to bits and as soon as the group notice came through that these boots had just been released I had to pop over and check them out. Three colours are available and they are very well priced. They come as all one part which attaches to the lower leg of the avatar with an invisiprim on the foot. However, I wanted to wear the cuff of these jeans on the lower leg. So, as I’m using the Viewer 2 version of Snowglobe at the moment I was able to wear an Alpha Mask from another pair of boots, re-attach these boots to my foot and then attach the jean cuffs to my lower leg.

The hat and hair is available until the end of the month from MADesigns as part of the Make Him Over Hunt and the cap itself is colour change. And the jeans are a new release at Muism. I really like the ripped and frayed texture on these and as ever, different colour options are available.

Skin (Mark – Full Beard) ~ LaVie

Boots (Airth Boot -Dirt) ~ {theosophy}

Jeans (Straight Damage Jeans / Light Washed – Dirt 1) ~ Muism

Sweater (Golden Sweater) ~ =Zenith=

Hat/Hair (Brady – Irish Coffee): free as part of MHOH ~ MADesigns

Bag (Hoot Bag – Brown) ~ Gritty Kitty

Tattoo (Life’s No Storybook) ~ The Habitat

Eyes (Ice Crystal) ~ Poetic Colour

Poses from Muism

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~ by Bronson Twine on April 11, 2010.

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  1. I just wanted to say that I appreciate the consistent and classic layout of your posts. There is something to be said for understatement. It often makes us notice :D.

  2. /me steals your boots… again…

  3. Oh awesome! Thank you so much 🙂

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